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What to wear when doing Zumba

It’s a question I get asked fairly regularly – what’s the best choice of clothing to do Zumba? Of course, it’s a personal preference and you should wear whatever you feel good and comfortable in. For me, it’s hip-hop, urban and streetwear styles all the way. Harem pants are ideal, as they move with me and I don’t feel my movements are confined. Also, looser fitting clothes don’t make me sweat as much! I know loads of you Zumba guys and girls out there wear leggings to Zumba, but I got thinking, what if you felt restricted like me, and wanted an alternative? Or, what if you totally love leggings, but could do with a bit of a change up? So, I thought I’d share some of my fave dancewear brands with you…!

While leggings seem like the obvious choice of activewear to dance in, I personally prefer loose-fitting clothing that lets me shake and twist as much as I like. Breathable fabrics that keep me cool work best, too.

Of course, first of all, there’s the official Zumba wear. This fitness apparel has choice galore (whether you’re a loose-fitting kind girl like me, or a lover of tighter fitting fabrics). Bottoms-wise, the Zumba range of cropped harem capris, a cropped style of loose fit dance joggers, are ideal as they really let you move freely. There’s also their range of sweatpants which I love – they offer a longer style that still keeps it loose. And the Zumba camo shorts are perfect during the summer and are so funky they’re not out of place outside a Zumba class either! The range of sports bras and loose-fitting tees and tanks is great, and make the perfect combo, keeping everything where it should be underneath, with enough freedom of movement on top. The Zumba menswear range is equally as fab, with harem pants, basketball jerseys, tanks and tees to choose from.


zumba harem pants reverse

Cropped harem pants by Zumba


For fab street dancewear, head on over to Move Dancewear. I love the Dincwear Unisex Harem Pants and what they lack in colour, they definitely make up for in style and practicality. There’s also fab sleeveless muscle tops and harem shorts plus the brilliant batwing crop top (hello built in air circulation!) all from Dincwear. You can get Pineapple Dance Studios street dancewear here too, with a range perfect for twisting, turning and wiggling those hips in. Harem pants with elastic waists and hems offer style AND substance and pair perfectly with loose fitted box tees or sleeveless tops with ‘drop armholes’ (you know, those armholes that extend way down to the waist). The ideal partners for Zumba!


dincwear harem grey

Dincwear’s grey harem pants are effortlessly cool


Urban Pulp stock a range of street dance clothing with different twists on fabrics and prints. Cover up on the way to class with one of their wide neck jumpers or hoodies if its chilly!

AliExpress have a cool street dance section of clothing and ship to the UK. I find many street dance collections to be surprisingly dull in colour but here you can funk it up a bit with patterns and colours and really get your Zumba vibes flowing.

And then there’s good old ASOS. Their range of sweat pants is great, if lacking in a little colour. But easy peasy to add to your next clothes order! And if you love to be a little more understated, then this is could be the ideal range for you.

Amazon and eBay also have loads of dancewear, including official branded Zumba wear and apparel ranges to fit all budgets. Don’t be let down by tight, restrictive clothing. Hang loose with me and love a bit of loose fit!

Much love,

Pol x