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Come and join the ZUMBA party!

Monday and Wednesday nights
in Brixton, south London


Your First Class Is On Me

All newbies get their first Zumba class completely free, and there’s no obligation to continue. Fancy trying it out? Pop your details to the right and check your email inbox for details.

Yes, please email me details

What's Your Motivation?

Want To Exercise
But Hate The Gym?

“I really need to exercise, but I find working out at the gym such a chore,
I end up making excuses and not going.”

You understand the benefits of exercise but nothing you try sustains your interest for long.
Inevitably you find reasons not to go and are actually relieved when you can’t go. You want to increase your fitness,
lose weight or tone up, but you don’t want to have to force yourself to go to the gym.
You’re looking for a fun activity, which doesn’t feel like exercise and keeps you challenged.

Sound like you? Try Zumba: burn 800 – 1000 calories an hour while having fun dancing!

Busy Professional Who Wants
That Fun ‘Me’ Time?

“I want to exercise, but with my hectic work schedule I don’t have time
to go to the gym three times a week in order to see results.”

You have a demanding work schedule and can’t go to the gym regularly enough to experience
any physical improvement. You want to exercise with committed, like-minded people who take care of themselves
and want to let go and enjoy themselves for an hour a week, in a fun way.

Is this you? Try Zumba: it’s easy to fit fun into a busy schedule while reducing stress and clearing your mind!

Returning To Exercise?

“I haven’t done exercise in a really long time
and I’m scared of how unfit I think I’ll be!”

You haven’t felt motivated to exercise in a long time, or have recentlyhad a baby and are keen to get back into shape,
but don’t know whatto expect at a Zumba class. Perhaps you have a specific goal in mind – to be toned for your fast
approaching wedding, or  drop a dress size and regain your self-confidence.

If you can relate, try Zumba: effective exercise in a friendly and social environment, without the pressure!

Meet The Class

Find out what Polly's Zumba classes are really
like. Watch live testimonials from some of Polly's
regulars and newbies.





My Zumba Sound

I use a vibrant mix of pop, hip-hop, Latin and dance music in my classes. Follow me on SoundCloud where I regularly add tracks so you can get a feel what music I love to play.

New Tracks Added This Week

New tracks and new moves each week

Ramping up the tempo


A perfect pop-soul-funk blend